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119 Years Old and Still a Part of Our Community!

blog 3-14-17

This is a picture of us minutes ago buying a critical parcel of land. The land and house belonged to Leah who lived next to our church until she was 119 years old! Her family came from all over the country to sell us Leah’s house and property. The parcel is important because it will help us expand our ministry. But just as important is that Leah and her son, Job, are still at the property. Yes, they are buried in the backyard! We not only bought the property but it came with their 2 graves. At first this kind of freaked us out. Then we realized the importance of being a Christ-centered community and how this could be a great witness to not only Leah’s family but also our community. We will honor the graves by having a beautiful flower garden where Leah touched so many lives over her life including our children’s. Our prayer is that we would be able to share Jesus to those who ask about “Leah’s Flowers!” What a beautiful way to remember our friend!

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