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A Lot To Be Thankful For!


Our baby is due December 5th! We are excited to be giving birth in a REAL hospital that will have everything we need in case we encounter complications after the birth like we did with Ella and Zeb.

Many of you have been sending such wonderful greetings and saying that you are praying for us. Thank you!

We will be in the states until February 2nd which will give mommy and baby a great start. We will also have to get her a passport so we can take her back to Rwanda with us.

So many wonderful things are happening right now!

We started a capital campaign in May and just launched a new fundraiser for raising the capital money so we can purchase over 5 acres of farmland that includes our house, the guesthouse and teacher’s bedrooms.

The fundraiser is a 100 hole “golf-athon” and will be held on Saturday, January 16th. We have hired “” to help us organize the event. Please email me if you would like to sponsor me (Todd) for the 100 hole event ( and tell me if you would like to sponsor per hole or a flat fee.

Please also lift the ministry up in prayer as we are in consideration for a large grant (basically FREE money)! Know that your prayers are powerful (James 5:16)!

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