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Mediatrice Uwimana – Sewing Instructor

Mediatrice came to work with CIty of Joy from her home in Muhanga Rwanda where she was teaching tailoring at Kabgayi Vocational Training Center. She is married and has two children ages five and nine.

She loves teaching the sewing classes at City of Joy and teaches her students to make different things such as bags, school uniforms and more. Mediatrice also enjoys meeting City of Joy visitors and showing them what we are doing in our community.

Her biggest challenge while teaching at City of Joy is expressing herself in English. Finding an interpreter every time she needs to communicate can be frustrating and time consuming. Please pray that she can learn English quickly so she can be a more effective teacher.

Please pray for Mediatrice and her family – that God would grant them good health and a good education. Also pray that God would strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

In her free time, Mediatrice enjoys singing in the choir and being involved in church activities such as group prayers, retreats, and organizing support for the poor.