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We have an exciting year ahead as we have made a number of changes and additions to improve our academic excellence at Joy Christian School. Listed below are the things we have implemented in 2020.

  • We have extended our primary to 6th grade with 20 students.
  • We have added a kindergarten program with three classes, totaling 49 students.
  • The national Rwandan curriculum is blended with Cooperative Learning Structures from the USA, so the students receive a well-rounded education.
  • Staff and teachers meet weekly for ongoing training and prayer.
  • Our new Bible study curriculum, implemented in January, 2018, is One Hope Bible Studies. It is a well-designed
    curriculum with all pedagogical resources (Bible story books for kids, flash cards,
    videos, body language bible signs, etc.)  This program is essential to us as we educate our students and teachers as
    followers of Jesus. †