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Baby on Board!


We are having a baby around December 5th!  This will be our third child. Our first two children were born in Rwanda. Because of complications during the deliveries of our first two children we are traveling to Arizona to have our third.

Ella and Zeb are ready for a new sibling! They love to carry their babies on their backs in the traditional method like the moms in our neighborhood.

Our plan is to travel to Minnesota around mid-September and then to Arizona mid-October to have the baby. We will try to avoid air travel during the last trimester because Andria is considered borderline high-risk.

Thank God for our wonderful City of Joy staff who keep everything running smoothly while we are away.

We are excited for baby number three. We are excited to experience what it will be like having a baby in the States.

Andria is already experiencing morning sickness. Boo! Let’s hope and pray it isn’t for the length of the pregnancy like it was with Ella and Zeb.

Your prayers are appreciated!

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