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Catholic to Islam to Joy Christian Church!

Pastor Lambert shares the story of Beatha: This is a spiritual journey of Mukantwari Beatha. She is an interesting and happiest woman you can ever meet. Talking with her you won’t contain yourself, you’ll laugh all the way–as she makes jokes about almost everything and she takes life easy. She is free and upbeat! Beatha is a mother of four but you won’t guess it by looking at her. You won’t believe her first born is 20 years of age! “What kept you still looking so young Beatha?” If you asked her she would reply “Young? Really! I take good care of myself!”

From her childhood she learned to live a simple life as to avoid stress and stay in a healthy mood; since she was raised with only her mother. She grew up with her two siblings and their mother who had been separated from their father. That affected their upbringing in some ways, as they did not experience fatherly love! She grew up going to the Catholic Church and complied with everything about the church. She received all the sacraments: Baptism, Penitence, Eucharist and Confirmation.

Beatha was only 21 when she got married to a Muslim man. “How did you meet with him, Beatha?” My Aunt connected us. The man came, lectured to me about Islam until I was convinced and decided to marry him. Unfortunately after ten years we separated. “What happened?” There were some practices in Islam I couldn’t handle. Polygamy being the biggest! When my husband married a second wife; I got upset. I left him and came back to stay with my mother again! But, Beatha; didn’t you know Islam allows men to have many wives? No. I think this is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life. I rushed into marriage without knowing some deep secrets of Muslims.

I felt disappointed and moved in with my mother. I had lost all hope with Islam! It’s been now 12 years ever since I separated with my husband. During this time I didn’t feel like going either to a mosque or any church. In 2015 when Joy Christian Church started I felt within me; “it’s time to go to church now”! My first time in this church was the best experience I will never forget! We sang, worshipped and heard the Word of God. I felt deep within: “This is a place to be!” A remarkable difference with Islam: No segregation between men and women. Normally in the mosque there is a curtain (Pazia) that separates men from women.

I have now understood about Jesus Christ; that He is the only way to God the Father and that salvation is by grace through faith. I got baptized in February 2016 and joined the Church choir! I want to surrender my life to Jesus and serve Him for the rest of my life! Please pray for me that I may stay on the right track with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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