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Chairs for Christ – UPDATE!



It may not be fancy, but it is a great way to to bring your presence or your loved one’s presence to Joy Christian Church!

As you may have seen or heard, we are on a major chair campaign,trying to raise enough money for 500 chairs. We believe that we will need at least that many chairs for our dedication service and church launch on August 23rd.

We probably will run out of chairs for the number of people planning on attending. What a great problem to have!

Each chair is $13, and we need 118 more chairs ($1541) to reach 500! Your generosity and prayers have been overwhelming!

Would you donate a chair right now? To do so please go to:

and make your tax deductible donation to the “Chairs for Church” fund.

Here is what Michelle Reddy wrote as her family donated chairs in the memory of Swen’s mom and dad:
The Swensons built a legacy of love in Christ. They valued family, others and the church. May eleven new chairs placed in the Joy Christian Church be a constant reminder of the Swensons and how wide and deep God’s love is for his children. Romans 8”. 

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