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Diane’s Story


“Hello, my name is Diane Tuyisenge. I’m 17 years old and I live with my mom and three younger siblings. My father got sick and passed away in 2011, but my faith in Christ reminds me that I have a father in heaven that I can trust in, even though my earthly father is gone. Since 2011 I’ve been helping my mother take care of my family. After I finished primary school, my mother couldn’t afford to send me to secondary school. Attending sewing school has given me an opportunity to continue my education and will equip me with a skill that will help me to provide for my family. One day I hope to own a sewing machine and start a small business making clothes.”

Diane and 25 other sewing students have embarked on a 12 month training program at Joy Christian School. The excitement in the classroom is growing! God is changing lives before our very eyes.

Would you donate toward a sewing student? Each student needs a sponsor for the year at $40/month to buy the supplies and pay for the teacher.

Each student also needs a sewing machine so when they graduate they have a machine to make a living. Sewing machines are $130. Go to and click “Donate”.  You’ll select “Sewing Sponsorships” under the “Purpose” tab and make the donation recurring, or you can make a one-time donation for the sewing machine!

We will send you a picture of a sewing student and you can even write to her and let her know you are praying.

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