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Vocational Education


Sewing Student Sponsorship Program

The local government has identified sewing, crafts, welding and carpentry as areas that need classes and development. Associations (profit-sharing) ventures are one way to allow people to develop themselves and take responsibility for their hard work.

Our first sewing class of 24 students began in 2011 and graduated in April 2012. They formed a Sewing Association and now are renting a store in the nearby town of Nyanza. The Association is a profit sharing venture. The Association members are receiving training in business, English and other life-skills to develop their careers. The second class of sewing students started in March of 2012. They graduated in January 2013 and have also formed their own Sewing Association.

While our sponsorship program was originally created to empower at risk/vulnerable Rwandan women, we’ve had several men in our community who’ve wanted to learn this valuable trade as well. To date we’ve added a handful of men to the sewing classes and sponsorship program.

For a $40/month commitment you can sponsor at-risk/vulnerable Rwandan to better themselves in business and life. It may be starting a sewing, craft, farming or goat business… whatever best meets their needs. You will receive photos and stories of their progress. Many of the men and women in our sewing class need extra financial help and may also be eligible for this program.

Many adults in our neighborhood do not have much in the way of opportunities. Some are widows from the genocide, others are neglected, abused, or orphaned. It is City of Joy’s mission to reach out to our neighbors and give them the hope of Jesus.

Click here to sponsor a Sewing Student.

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