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“Everyone started applauding City of Joy”…

Yesterday our Project Manager, Emmy, was at a local government meeting where organizations share what their goals are for the coming year and what goals were met in the last 12 months. He shared how we have 160 students, 180 graduates from our sewing school, are sending 4 teachers to get their degrees in education and how we have donated over 740 goats to our neighbors.

All of a sudden in this packed room full of over 150 people a man raises his hand. He stands up and shares how his family has benefited from City of Joy’s ministry. His family received one of the goats and it helped his family become financially stable. Then another hand was raised. A man shared how his daughter attends kindergarten at Joy Christian School and how excited his family is for her future. FOUR MORE hands were raised as parents shared how their children were in our school and how thankful they are!

The most odd thing then happened. Everyone in the room applauded in a loud roar! City of Joy is bringing the joy of Jesus to our community one family at a time. Thank you for your partnership in this journey.

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