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Foot, Hand and Mouth Disease Hits Our House!

We have been state-side for over 2 months and almost the entire time at least one of our kids has been sick. Coughing, running nose and slight fevers have plagued us. We thought Ella was coming down with strep since some of her friends had it. We found out that all three kids have Foot, Hand and Mouth Disease! Our new “concierge” doctor got us in within an hour of contacting the office. He took one look and said the blistery sores in Ella’s mouth and hands are sure signs! Foot, Hand and Mouth Disease isn’t serious but can be painful (and itchy) as we learned last night as Zeb was up until 2 AM with foot blisters! The virus just runs its course usually in 7-10 days but is highly contagious. Who would have thunk it! Foot, Hand and Mouth Disease has invade our house!

We appreciate your prayers for quick healing and restful night’s sleep!

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