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Serving Opportunities

Short Term Mission Trip

Make a difference in the lives of others by going on a mission trip to City of Joy Rwanda. Come with a group or by yourself for a week or longer. A mission trip will help you experience what the culture of Rwanda and what daily life is like at City of Joy. Here are three categories of mission trips:

Short Term Mission Trip: 30 days or less serving

Internship: 30-90 days serving

Staff Position: Serving at least one year

All three opportunities can be tailor-made to meet your needs and best serve our community. Most serving is done at our school, Joy Christian School. Presently there are 164 children ages 4, 5, 6, and 7. You can come to help teachers within their classrooms by reading stories, helping children learn English and pulling small groups of children together to focus on specific learning outcomes. You will be trained and equipped with everything you need.

Teams have come and done Christian Day Camp experiences with entire classrooms (20 students in each class). They have brought their own curriculum, activities, songs and crafts and focused 1-2 hours in each classroom.

Our Guest House is available for lodging. We have 6 rooms available and can hold up to 4 people in each room if needed. Hot showers, kitchenette, flushing toilets, mosquito nets and comfortable beds with all the bedding and linens are included in the price for lodging. Length of stay is a determining factor in the per night charge for your room. Please take a look at our Guest Handbook for more information on your visit.

Short Term Mission Teams

Short Term Mission Trips are by far the most popular. The most common period of time to serve at City of Joy is 10-14 days. This allows you to recover from jet lag (it may take you around 30 hours of travel time to arrive in Rwanda) and experience enough of Rwanda to get a good taste of what God is doing here.


Internships are usually mission trips of 30-90 days. A tourist visa in Rwanda for U.S. citizen can last up to 90 days. Tourist visas are $30 for 30 day and $100 for 90 days. You can apply online for visas at before you arrive. Internships allow you to immerse yourself into the culture of Rwanda and to get to know the students at Joy Christian School better. If you are able to stay the full 90 days we highly encourage it!

Staff Position

A Staff Position is the most permanent serving currently available with City of Joy Rwanda. There are certain positions such as Master Teacher and Principal that are needed to help train and equip our staff to be better. Since these positions are long term City of Joy Rwanda would apply for a work visa for these individuals. Certain benefits MAY be included in these Staff Positions such as: annual round trip airfares, free housing, and monthly stipend for food. Depending on your position you will serve at the school January through October and have most of November and December available as time off.

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