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“Go make disciples…”

If you ask 10 people what Jesus meant by these words in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) “go make disciples”, you would probably get 10 different answers. It seems everyone has a different understanding and take on what making disciples encompasses.

Part of City of Joy’s mission is making disciples. So it is a question we have been pondering also for quite some time. Starting on Wednesday we will have 1/2 days of school and will start a time of discipleship with teachers and employees. Here is one aspect of what we will be doing together.

We will spend time reading the Bible. Sounds easy enough but you have to remember we also have a language barrier so we will have to take that into consideration. We may start with the gospel of John and take a few verses every week. We will print up a schedule of what portion of scripture we will be covering each week so teachers, staff and employees of City of Joy will have ample time to read for themselves the lesson each week. Two questions will be asked on the Bible reading: 1. What do you think the author meant? 2. How will you apply this to your life this coming week?

Each week we will reflect back to see how the application of the lesson was done. We hope to accomplish a few things with this method of Bible study. 1. Get people into reading the Word of God and transformed by hearing God speak. 2. Get people into applying truth to every day life. 3. Start praying for one another.

This is just the beginning of our journey together. We know that pouring ourselves into our leaders will one day have a trickle down effect to our students and beneficiaries. Most of our teachers and employees live within a short distance of each other so we are doing life together just from our proximity. We hope this Wednesday time together will serve as a foundation for mutually edifying and encouraging one another.

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