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Goats and God!

One of the behind the scenes ministries here at City of Joy Rwanda, yet one of the most powerful, is our outreach to the local community. Our church has grown to a congregation of around 500 from in and around the surrounding area of Gatagara. Made up of those people are over 20 cell groups of about 20 to 30 folks who meet in a neutral spot, often times on the ground in the middle of a field, to share the love of Jesus with each other and led by Pastor Lambert. The walk is a couple miles long and dusty to get there but the reward both to those folks and to those of us who join them is phenomenal.

Right there in that grassy field we sing praises to our God, we encourage each other, we share the Word of the Lord, and we listen to their needs and share the joys and struggles that life brings. Then, as we can, we try and meet the needs presented and come alongside them in whatever way God affords us. This week the group came together and gave a couple a goat because of a hardship they had shared with everyone previously. We share His word. We share our hearts. He give thanks and we lift upon the King of all kings. It binds us together and makes us stronger in Him. Go and make disciples… no matter where that takes you. Victory and rescue is found there through Christ Jesus, for all of us!
~Deb Dewalt

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