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“I Want Heaven!”

Pastor Lambert shares the remarkable story of Danatha:
Nyirakadeheri Danatha is her name; but we address her “Mukecuru” as a
respectful name for the elderly. She has been blessed to grow older as her age
has far passed life expectancy in Rwanda [64.52 years (2015)]. Mukecuru does not
remember well how old she is, but tracing it from history; he might be above 80.
She knows about the death of King Yuhi V Musinga (1944) and how he was taken
to Kilembwe Congo passing by Kamembe (1931). She also knows about the reign
of King Mutara III Rudahigwa (Successor of Musinga) and the first Republic (1961).
Mukecuru is so thankful to God who has kept her life until this far. “I have seen
many people go; young and old”: I survived all wars that took place in Rwanda
(1959, 1963, 1990 and 1994). I want to believe that there is a reason why God
preserved me. It’s to testify of His goodness! “God loves me” this is her sigh every
time; while talking with her! And she would sing: “Jesus loves me this I know, … I
am so glad that Jesus loves me, …! Though she has also lost all teeth, Mukecuru is
never ashamed to smile as she claims; she’s got every reason to stay happy.
Mukecuru is still strong in the Lord; she walks 3 kilomiters (one way) coming to
Church every Sunday and Saturday (for prayers). Unbelievable! Seeing her with a
walking stick, one wouldn’t think her steps can ever make such a long distance! I
asked her how she chose to fellowship with us at Joy Christian Church: “I started
attending cell group meetings at Birembo (Mpanga). With prayers and fellowship;
I felt revived again as I had stayed for many, many years without that experience. I
used to go to a protestant church before the 1990s. When we divorced with my
first husband and my second died, I felt disappointed and discouraged. I lost hope
and it was like God had abandoned me.
The cell leader (Mugwiza Emmanuel) has been so supportive. May God bless him;
he helped me get up again. When I came for the first time to Joy Christian Church,
I appreciated everything I found there. I continued attending church services until I
made the greatest decision ever: December 24, 2017 was one of my biggest days!
Want to know what happened? “I was baptized”! I want to rectify and surrender
my life to Jesus before I go into the grave. This God that has been so good to me, I
want to see Him. I want heaven, I want eternal life and that’s what I wish for each
and everyone who has followed Jesus Christ. So help us God!

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