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“Jesus Healed Me from Evil Spirits!”


Here is a story from one of our church members who was delivered from demonic spirits. His story is one of many stories how God is using Joy Christian Church to transform lives and expand his kingdom in Rwanda. Thank you for your continued prayers.


My name is Kalisa Callixte, I am married to Bayisenge Janvere, blessed with two children. I was born and raised in Rwanda, South province, Ruhango District. The testimony I want to share is about how Christ operated on me: body and spirit, then “made me whole” (that famous song “Jesus touched me and made me whole”). He healed me from evil spirits’ attack. It started way back when I was still a teenager in secondary school; and at first I thought it was epilepsy! I used to fall down, foam at the mouth, become unconscious and after a number of hours I’d come back to normal. My classmates and school leaders were always very helpful: When it happened to me; they could take me to hospital and care for me as much as they could! My family didn’t care as my Father had passed away and was left with my step mother. As a matter of fact I came to learn that these evil spirits were being sent by the extended family. This disturbed my studies as in senior five I missed the entire term. Nevertheless it didn’t stop God’s plan; I continued up to higher education and just graduated this year from University of Rwanda in journalism. I went to various places seeking help but nothing got better! I even consulted traditional healers but none was able to provide any cure. I reached to a point of desperation and I did not know what to do!

This is where Christ met me; using a friend who advised that I could look for people to pray for me. I joined a group of students (G.B.U: Groupe Biblique Universitaire) whereby we could meet for prayers and Bible-study. There I made new friends, came in contact with spirit filled people, and my faith grew tremendously. When Joy Christian Church was planted, I was among the first to be part of the body of Christ. In February this year (2016), I surrendered totally my life to Jesus and got baptized. I fully put my trust in Christ and my life was completely changed. From the time I allowed Christ to take over, no evil spirit ever dared to attack me again, since Jesus is in control of my entire life. There is nothing greater than serving God. May God bless everyone who reads my testimony, encouraging you to let Jesus Christ be the center of your life.


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