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“Jesus is with you!” Irene’s Story.



Irene (pronounced Ireenae) is a young boy in our kindergarten.

He is pictured between his siblings in the photo above, with his Grandma. His mother abandoned them, so Grandma is their care taker.

We aren’t sure where his mom went, but she is probably in the capitol city, Kigali, looking for a better life like many people do.

This picture was taken inside Irene’s house: Mud brick walls, tile roof that leaks during the rains and a dirt floor with a straw mat to sleep on and eat meals.

Life is difficult, but Jesus has given this family hope that He is with them in the middle of their struggle.

Irene attends Joy Christian School, and it is making a difference. His grandma loves Jesus and is raising her grandchildren to know how much Jesus loves them in the midst of struggle!

The school is encouraging Irene’s family, and giving them hope for a better tomorrow. They are grateful for all the City of Joy Rwanda has provided for them and the community.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support; it is making a remarkable difference in our community!

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