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Marriage + Travel Woes = Life in Rwanda

Our teacher Florida’s wedding is today. Well actually part 2 & 3 are today. The first part is the civil wedding that happened back in April. Today the traditional and church wedding parts are happening. The wedding is over 4 hours away from City of Joy. At first we thought about going but then the kids got sick so we decided not to attend. Then Andria found out that she is in the wedding (some minor role) so she decided that she and Zeb (he is still nursing) would attend. They would travel into Kigali and stay with the Bannicks and then travel Saturday morning the final couple of hours. Our housekeeper Belise would ride along as well as Kate and Mama Jojo.
I was very leery of letting Andria travel without me because of all the issue you can have traveling (mechanical breakdowns mainly). So yesterday as they get ready to leave I notice that the power steering fluid line was leaking from a faulty clamp. 45 minutes later they were on the road to Kigali.

Saturday morning came and I found out that Belise was mugged and had her purse stolen on her way over to meet Andria. The robbers dragged her through the gravel as she tried to hang on to her purse. She was a little bloodied and bruised but was still wanting to attend the wedding. Some money, clothes, all her i.d.’s and bible were taken.

So all 3 women and Zeb left for the final portion of the trip. A little late but they were on the road. Less than an hour on the road and I get another call that they have a flat tire. Fortunately they could hire a local garage to come and help change these large heavy tires.

I am waiting to hear how late they arrived and how things went. They were hoping to get an early start home so that they wouldn’t drive in the dark.

Traveling in Rwanda is always an adventure and we continually leave every aspect of missionary life up to God.

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