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Nadine’s Great Adventure!

Nadine's Great Adventure!

Nadine’s Great Adventure!
Yesterday we spent the day in Kigali having Nadine (one of our students in second grade) and her sister, Claire, tested for seizures. These girls had never been to a “city” let alone the capitol Kigali!  Both girls were very brave. This picture was taken with their dad at our first stop at an Armenian doctor who then sent us for an EEG test on their brain waves. Since both girls are having classic grand mal seizures, the doctor thinks it is epilepsy and prescribed the “best medicine in all the world” to help. We will now try to figure out the correct dosage for both girls. Nadine had 3 seizures in school a few days ago, and we are lifting both her and her sister up in prayer that the Great Physician, Jesus, will heal them!

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