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New Teacher


Sinzi was hired at the beginning of the school year. Sinzi’s mom died when she was 12 years old of stomach cancer. She was very close to her mom and it was a tough time for Sinzi and her family. All five children were left with one parent and they pulled together as a family. Soon her dad became her best friend. Sinzi did so well in school that she received a scholarship to attend a teaching college. She LOVES children and hopes to work on her master’s degree in psychology of children once she finishes her undergraduate degree at Mount Kenya University (that City of Joy Rwanda is now funding). She loves teaching because of the fact that children are so excited to learn something new. Sinzi is so thankful to God to have the funds provided for the university because now she can help her younger sister go to the university! She has a brother who is working on a scholarship project in Minnesota of all places! Another brother also received a scholarship for schooling in Paris! Sinzi loves to read and one of her favorite books that she found at the public library in Kigali is “Louisiana Love Song!” If she could travel anywhere she would go to the United States because of the beauty and because she knows that if she works hard in the U.S., her hard work would pay off!

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