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New Year New Life!

Pastor Lambert submitted the following story:

PRISON as a path to Christ! 

Everything in life happens for a reason, and there is nothing God allows to take place aimlessly, as long as we come to a point of understanding that He is in control. This is one of the conclusions Kanani Samuel drew as quoting Jeremiah 29 verse 11; “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. “Even in prison, God still had better plans for me” says Kanani. And these were no other than getting my attention and drawing me closer to Him.

Kanani Samuel is a humble cool quiet man. Without provoking him you’ll never know he has something to share. But when he sets to speak you feel interested in listening to him. He is one of the people who will tell you how to look at problems not as obstacles, but turn them into opportunities. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation that you can’t do anything about it, but to endure. In that case you have two choices: to either complain or comply. But with me, says Kanani, I realized complaining wouldn’t get me anywhere. I thank God; He taught and gave me grace to handle what befell me.

I was born in 1975, grew up in a family that didn’t honor God. My parents were still involved in ancestral worship. Though once in a while they would pretend go to Church. I used to go with other kids to Seventh Day Adventist Church and at the age of 15 I was baptized. After the 1994 Rwandan genocide, I was falsely accused then sent to jail. It was so hard for me; but as I was not the only one. I decided to move on with life. I met some godly men who got saved at prison, and they encouraged me. I was taught the Word of God and led to Christ. There I had an opportunity to read the Bible and spent quality time with the Lord in prayer.

After 7 years I got released from prison with the joy of having known my Savior. I must thank God for that experience, as I believe He isolated me from my family and used prison as a path to Christ. When I heard about Joy Christian Church in our neighborhood; I found it to be the right one for me to continue growing my faith in Christ. One of the things I appreciated is the love I found there. In fulfilling the greatest commandment, I think “love” is what most believers lack in our days; this must be restored. Please pray for me that I may love and serve Christ even more.

From Todd: Matching Donation Update: We reached our goal (and surpassed it) by raising almost $35,000 in less than 2 weeks! Our donor will match $22,000 with his $33,000 for a total of $68,000! Praise God and thank you! What a great way to close out the year and start 2018!

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