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Parent Teacher Organization in Action

The Parent Teacher Organization met with the parents of Joy Christian School. They talked about a number of decisions that they have made. First one was to start charging a small fee for school. Each family will be accessed a .70 fee each term ($2/year). This was done to create “value” in the community. They hope to eventually have families contribute more through a “Pig Program” that will be started next year. The effort is to keep families from being dependent on the school. By creating revenue streams for each family the goal is to have families then contributing a percentage of their earnings.

The other item covered by the PTO was the parent classroom visitation program. Parents are encouraged to participate in the classroom activities of their children each term. Having parents in the classroom helps the teacher and helps the parent learn what their child is learning. The hope is that the school lessons will be reinforced when the children are at home.

In the near future plans from the PTO: English classes for parents where the Bible is taught and discipleship will happen. Family time activities: simple activities that are practiced in the classroom and encouraged to go home with them to “pass on their faith” to their children.

Please continue to pray for Joy Christian School.

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