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Rose Mapendo Foundation

Sam / Rose Mapendo


Sam Henderson (pictured above) moved into our guesthouse a couple of weeks ago. He has been in Rwanda for a few months; preparing the way for a partnership between City of Joy and Rose Mapendo Foundation, as well as Partners in Action, an Arizona nonprofit.

Andria and I heard Rose speak at North Phoenix Baptist and were captivated by her story of incredible faith. Rose is a survivor of the Congolese Death Camp and now is on a mission to help women and children in our region. (Read more about her story and foundation here.)

Rose and her team will be coming in August to talk about how we can work together to spread God’s love in our community through sewing, business development, micro finance, etc.

Sam and I have been dreaming together how God can best be glorified though this partnership. Sam has been such a blessing to City of Joy already!  We are excited to see where this new relationship leads.

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