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Should I Be Telling You This?

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

It’s not a popular subject but sometimes I wonder if I am a salesman on commission or a follower of Jesus. Telling the raw truth about missionary life is just…well plain raw and messy. Now that we have a board of directors and a 501c3 state-side I am getting a lot more feedback on what i write and post.

Often times missionary life is very difficult to view from a different culture (like in the U.S.). So when I share that our vehicle is broken down for the umpteenth time many of you would probably wonder if Todd is a little crazy and why in the world can’t he get the thing fixed correctly. Legitimate question and let me tell you I feel the same way. Enter our Board with the advice that maybe I shouldn’t share EVERY time our vehicle breaks down. After all people don’t want to give to an organization that spends so much money on something that should be a slam dunk to fix. It’s the old adage “no one wants to be on a sinking ship”.

The vehicle is only one aspect of missionary life that has been quite a challenge. There are so many other areas of life that were so easy for me to manage and now seem a little out of control.

But how much do you guys, as our supporters, want to know? How much of the reality of our lives is digestible before you may shake your head and ask for a “refund” of your donation!

When you are in a support based ministry I often struggle with how much truth should be shared. It is almost like being on a commission based job where your families livelihood is depended on “making the sale.” I know that sounds a little crass and “unspiritual”. But this is what I struggle with from day to day. Life is messy, especially as a missionary in a culture that is foreign to me. My closest circle of friends know every detail of life. Jesus knows it all..even stuff I don’t.

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