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Surrender to Christ!

surrender to christ

Read the testimony of Kanani written by Pastor Lambert as they met together last week. Be inspired by this young man’s faith as I was!  God is changing lives through Joy Christian Church! Matthew 28:18-20

(some of the text is a little rough but I think you will understand what is meant)

My name is Kanani Cyprien, am 29 years old, single. I work at Cyerezo clinic as a nurse. My home is in Mukingo Sector, Ngwa cell Nyanza district – Rwanda. I may have a lot about my past and present life to share; but I’ll try to be brief focusing more on the goodness of God, His grace, His love that endures forever! One thing I thank God for; is that, I am still alive, could have died long time ago and forgotten! But now I have assurance of eternal life that even if I die today, I am not afraid anymore; since I am in the hands of Jesus Christ; counted on the list of God’s children.

Having born and grown up in a normal family that did not know and care more about God; I didn’t too! We were Seventh Day Adventist but only by name, we seldom went to Church; just once in a while! In senior 2 secondary school = (Grade 8); I started using drugs. Had a group of friends with whom we were indulging ourselves into immoral behavior: drugs addiction, adultery, drunkenness … thinking; it’s just fun! One day, in 2010, I remember was in grade 10 EFOTEK Kanombe; where we were hiding in the bathroom (toilet) smoking; caught by school Authorities; we were expelled. After one year suspension; got another school but my life, still did not change! After school completion, I even became worse since I had some freedom. Imagine a young man, educated, supposed to earn myself respect; but I could drink from morning till night; to the point I couldn’t even carry myself back home. There is a day I was found by the road side fallen in a ditch! Didn’t even know what happened; just told stories after I had become sober!

Time came when light shone into my life; became aware, looked at myself, what I was doing, how I lived; I saw myself a bad person! I started hating myself. I felt like, couldn’t go on anymore! Said to myself “I am tired”; must get out of this kind of life! I realized; Church was my only way out and Christ the only hope! I sought someone who could help me, went to Pastor of Joy Christian Church; it was in June 2015. I told him about myself, confessed, repented then he prayed with me and I started coming to Church. Later; another spirit-filled lady from Butare who had come to visit Joy Christian Church, also prayed with me. Gradually I started gaining courage to leave sinfulness and love God more.

Today; I am better off because I have Jesus Christ! I found a Savior! Praise the Lord! He met me when I was heading to destruction, took me out from garbage to His Holy family! He restored the honor I had lost in the community. I am a good example that many people look up to. Now I see myself as a person created for a purpose: in God’s image, to serve Him. I regret the time I wasted but now I want to serve God and bear fruit of the Spirit. I can play guitar now and discovered I have a gift of singing. I’ve written a number of gospel songs so far and I want to go even further. I want to use all talents and gifts serving God for the rest of my life. Please pray that God will use me mightily to be an inspiration to those who are still in the world that they may also be saved.

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