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The Mission Continues

Greeting Friends and Partners, 

Though we are in a new season of transition, we are happy to tell you that City of Joy continues to make disciples in Rwanda. God passionately loves the children and families of Gatagara and He cares deeply about the poverty they live in. We remain committed to elevating them out of poverty through education in Jesus’ name. 

Unless you have been to City of Joy, you cannot understand the full extent of the ministry that Todd and Andria began. Gatagara is a very poor village. Many children are too poor to afford the uniforms and fees needed to attend public school, and some do not receive more than one meal per day at home. Todd and Andria launched Joy Christian School so that these families can have access to an education that has the potential to change their community’s future. They began a sewing school to make school uniforms and to give adults in the neighborhood skills to launch their own businesses, or find employment in the city. They also started a farm to feed the children of the school and it employs 2 dozen men and women from the village. Then, they helped to launch Joy Christian Church to make disciples in the community beyond the reach of the school. Todd, Andria, and their kids were faithful servants and have forever impacted Gatagara. 

Transition equals change, and it has been a challenge to continue without the Ellingson’s leadership. However, the idea for City of Joy was never solely theirs. It originated with God and it remains His ministry today. In a remarkable way, He has provided exactly what is needed to continue to educate, feed, and employ this village that He loves so much. Todd and Andria poured their lives into the teachers and staff of City of Joy and now, in their absence, they are thriving in their new leadership roles. There have been many adjustments and we know that many more are to come, but we trust God to lead City of Joy into a bright new season of ministry. 

While Todd and Andria were in Rwanda they were a tangible expression of God’s love for Gatagara. They were also expressions of your love. You also have been critical to the launching and developing of City of Joy. You have given your friendship to the children and teachers, your words of encouragement, your sponsorship and gifts, and your prayers. They impact our children right now! They will continue to impact them into eternity. Thank you! God continues to work in Rwanda, and He continues to invite you to join Him. Please keep praying. Please keep giving. Please keep coming to Gatagara. 

Your Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

City of Joy Rwanda

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