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The Power of A Story

Power of a Story

Sundays message at Christ’s Church of Rwanda was important. It was entitled “The Power of Story”.

Having a 3 year-old girl makes me an expert on Disney princess movies. Countless times we have watched Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella.

I find myself being drawn into these stories over and over again. When I hear the words, “Once upon a time” or even the introduction music to Disney I am instantly swept into the mood of wanting to hear the great story that is coming.

Something engages inside of me as I am emotionally drawn into the drama. With a good movie time flies and the line between reality and story is fuzzy.

Jesus was a master story teller with parables. He used stories to draw people into God’s story of redemption and reconciliation.

Something profound happens by the power of the Holy Spirit as God’s story and my story collide. My story is rewritten by God. He becomes the new author of my life. I am swept into the plot of God’s redemptive narrative.

I find myself fighting daily to maintain control over my story. It is only through surrendering to the God Story of Jesus that I become redeemed and become his ambassador to the world.

All around me I see God’s story playing out in our students, teachers, staff and neighbors. May I live like the story that God has written for me swept into the incredible plot of his grace.

May I be his ambassador to my world and carry the message of reconciliation to those around me (2 Corinthians 5:18)

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