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Urgent: Clementines Family Needs Your Prayers!

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Don’t let the smile deceive you. Clementine and her family are in a fight for their lives. You remember Clementine? I wrote a blog about her almost dying last year as we scooped her off the ground and rushed her to the hospital. Her troubles don’t end there. I don’t want to get into specifics but Clementine, her mom and her siblings are in grave danger! We have contacted the local authorities and are trying to do everything in our power to advocate for them. Here’s a picture of Clementine’s mom working in our yard as we have¬†employed¬†her. She is 6 months pregnant. Again, I can’t get into specifics but please pray. Pray that the situation would improve and justice would be done. Pray for Clementine that she would be filled with God’s healing grace. That God would use this situation for His glory!

blog 3-20-2017

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