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We are going to have a…… GIRL!!!

We are going to have a.... GIRL!!!
We were able to get Andria an appointment on Tuesday at an OB/GYN so we dashed into Kigali (2 hours) and had an ultrasound. We found out that we are having a girl! Andria is 11 1/2 weeks along which will put us around December 5th for the due date. We celebrated with ice cream afterwards!
Andria is still battling morning sickness but does enjoy moments of feeling good. Thank you for your continued prayers.
​Now that we have the doctor’s consent, we were able to book our flights for our trip to America. We want to have the baby in Arizona and need to make sure we are done flying by the 34th week of her pregnancy. Andria has had some complications in her past deliveries so the doctor thinks it is smart to get to Arizona early. We agree.
So here is the plan:
August 27th fly to Grand Forks, North Dakota
September 21st fly to Minneapolis, Minnesota
October 1st fly to Phoenix, Arizona
February 2nd fly to Kigali, Rwanda
Would you like to have us come to your church or group and share? We would LOVE that. Please contact me at

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