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When Pigs Fly

Alina and her new Pig!
Alina and her new Pig!

“When pigs fly” is an adynaton, a way of saying that something will never happen.Source Wikipedia

Elina believed that her life was impossible. Then she was chosen to be in Joy Christian School’s Sewing School. Life began to look better. Next her daughter was chosen to attend Joy Christian School. She says, “Now I began to believe that God had something better in store for our family”. Faith began to build. THEN she was given a pig! A pig is like an investment that produces a HUGE return. “God is so good to me. Thank you for giving my family hope for a better future!” Alina is now in a program that will help her raise the pig for a profit. With this profit comes an responsibility/opportunity to give to others and to help her daughter with school supplies. Being able to support her family is now a dream that will become a reality. 
Please continue to pray for all the students of Joy Christian School. Here is a list of prayer requests: 
Pray for the hiring of 3 or 4 new teachers so we can go to full day classes.
Pray for the construction of 4 new classrooms.
Pray for the hiring of a pastor.
Pray for the construction of the church and a new congregation.
Pray that our neighborhood would experience new life in Christ! 

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